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Namibia has 4000 plant species, 650 bird species and 80 large mammals to be seen. It also has some of the globe’s highest sand dunes, of the oldest Bushman rock art spots, diverse cultures and climates.

Namibia is the only country in that world:
  • That transfers protected wildlife from national parks to communal areas.
  • Where nomadic desert adapted lions have increased five times from 1995 and thereby reclaimed their territory across public districts
  • Where the biggest wildlife count is performed by road annually.
  • Where the black rhino’s territory and numbers has increased.
  • That has 16% communal conservancies, 16, 5 % government protected areas, 6% private reserves, 0, 08 % community woodlands.

In recent times tourism organizations in Namibia began to focus on eco-tourism by involving rural communities in tourism. Communities are educated in preservation of both fauna and flora and in management of natural resources. This empowers the community to sustain a living through tourism simultaneously providing conservation.
Some companies host various courses and projects in rural communities. Eco-tourism and conservation:

Some tourism organizations are involved in the dynamic task to study and manage Namibia’s natural inheritance. More animals that are under scrutiny are the spotted and brown hyena, reptiles and amphibians, black faced impala, lions, black mongoose, rock mouse and the agama. The black and white rhino, elephant, small carnivores, lichens, weather, natural incidence and ecological changes are also observed.

Some tourism companies see to the building and upkeep of a school, supplying educational material and involving their guests to donate to these projects. The participation of communities in tourism is extended to the employment of locals in laundry, firewood and road repairs of some establishments. They contribute to police stations in their vicinity, therefore providing a safe environment for the community as well as tourists.

Training in branding, principles and entertaining, first aid, fire, cooking, driving, water conservation, waste management and energy use, bookkeeping and computer literacy are available to employees. The tourism industry generates a sense of awareness with local communities in the rights and duties towards their homeland. The relationship between tourism and communities creates valuable resources to locals and provides conservation to the environment.

Travel shops introduce Namibia to the world with agents in USA, Europe, UK, Australia, South Africa, and South America and in the Far East. Trained guides can join the visitor to explore birding and endangered species or particular subject studies through the country.
A toll-free number to report rhinoceros poaching was recently announced.
The number is 55 555.

Cultural and social improvement:
Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation Trust (IRFNC)
Enabling locals to extend their knowledge of fauna and flora
Rφssing Foundation
Apply programs to uphold life
Namibia Association of Community Based Nature Resource Management Support Organization’s (NACSO)
Offer skills to communities who wish to control and apply natural wealth in a sustainable way.

Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF)
Preservation of natural wealth
Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN)
To generate sensitivity, consideration, developing expertise, give information, and administration of arid areas.
Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET)
Empower locals to maintain their potential
Cheetah Conservation Trust (CCF)
Study and instruction of the cheetah’s ecology
The Africat Foundation
Encourage big carnivore protection and creature wellbeing
The Afri-Leo Foundation
Maintain and preserve the continued existence of the natural lion population
The rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST)
Exploration and conservation of species in danger of extinction especially the Cape Griffon Vulture
Namibia Animal Rehabilitation Research and Education Centre (NARREC)
Assistance to animals that have been hurt, displaced or abandoned
Bat Eared Fox Project
Explore and protects this specie
Save the Rhino Trust (SRT)
Preservation of the black rhino in the Kunene region
ETUSIS Foundation
Preservation and protection of the almost extinct Hartmann’s zebra.

Tourism associations in Namibia:
ANTA – The Association of Namibian Travel Agents
Accommodation Association of Namibia
CARAN – Car Rental Association of Namibia
FENATA – Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations
HAN – The Hospitality Association of Namibia
NAPHA – Namibia Professional Hunting Association
TAN – Tour Guides Association
TASA – The Tour and Safari Association of Namibia
TRENABA – Tourism Related Namibian Business Association
NTB – Namibia Tourism Board .

*collection of plants, minerals and animals is forbidden in all Namibian parks.

*Always drive on existing roads as to prevent damage to the environment and to prevent accidents.
*Do not disturb birds in their nests as some are frightened easily.
*Study and keep to the rules and regulations on all permits.

Forest management:
The San population of M’Kata and a private individual has joined forces in gathering and selling firewood. Devil’s claw and sawn wood are also sold by the community. Proceeds will be applied to remunerate the 30 workers concerned with this project and to restore water points in their township. The communities also practice fire prevention and the planting of Acacia erioloba or camel thorn trees.
Deforestation can restore foraging and growth of fruit and fodder trees are encouraged. Community woodslands can create a barrier between game parks and farm animals thereby reducing the risk of illnesses among animals and clashes between animals and humans. Through long term commitment these public woodlands will prove to be a success and it will create healthy surroundings.

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