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Mining in Namibia

Rio Tinto plc and Anglo American plc produce uranium oxide at Rössing and high grade zinc at Scorpion mine and refinery.
De Beers Marine Namibia and Namdeb produces diamonds
Lev Leviev manages a diamond mining company, Samicor and a diamond cutting and polishing factory named LLD.
AngloGold Ashanti excavates gold at the Navachab Mine in the Karibib area.
Rosh Pinah Mine is the property of Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation, Exxaro Base Metals and Namibian Investors. Rosh Pinah produces lead and zinc.
Weatherly Mining Namibia manages copper mines in Namibia.
At Tsumeb, Namibia Custom Smelters produces blister copper.
Valencia Project (Forsys Metals) - uranium
Langer Heinrich Uranium (Paladin) - uranium
Omahola Project (Deep Yellow) - uranium
Etango Project (Bannerman) near Arandis - uranium
Trekkopje Mine (Areva) - uranium
Marenica Project (Marenica Energy Ltd.) near the Spitzkoppe- uranium
Rössing South Project (Extract) - uranium
Okurusu Fluorspar manufactures acid grade fluorspar and is the property of Solvay, a European company specializing in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics.
Ohorongo Cement producing and exporting cement
Ongopolo Mining and Processing (Weatherly) copper

Rio Tinto:

Drilling and blasting of ore is followed by crushing, grinding and then leaching. Slime separation is followed by thickening to continuous ion exchange and then solvent extraction. Finally precipitation, filtration, drying and roasting until the final product is loaded and dispatched. Uranium production to meet global demand is supplied by Kazakhstan (33%), Canada (18%), Australia (11%), Namibia (8%), Russia (7%) and Niger (7%). Rössing supplies uranium to North America (41%), Asia (36%), Europe (19%) and Japan (4%).

Scorpion Zinc:
The mine is situated 25km north of Rosh Pinah in southern Namibia. The mine extracts and produces first-rate zinc oxide. Excavation from an open-pit mine is followed by an intricate refining and metallurgical process. The final product, special high-grade (SHG) zinc is exported to international markets from the port of Lüderitz. Since November 2010, Vedanta Resources is in charge of Scorpion Zinc. Vedanta has more than 30 000 employees worldwide and business in India, Zambia and Australia.

Namdeb was established in 1994 and is involved in diamond mining. The company is a 50/50 collaboration between the Government of the Republic of Namibia and De Beers Centenary Ag. Namdeb has its head office in Windhoek and has 1600 employees. The main exploration is performed from along the south western coast of Namibia and inland areas of the Karas region. Mining activities runs from Oranjemund to Lüderitz. The center of activity lies in the town of Oranjemund and Namdeb supplies town organizational services to prepare the town for its intended proclamation , a hospital, a private school and engineering support services.

The Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC) buys all the diamonds explored at Namdeb. NDTC classifies and appraises more than one million carats of diamonds per annum. Of these diamonds some are sold to local refineries in Namibia and the rest to DTC in London. To increase the supply to the local market aggregated diamonds are also sold to the Namibian refineries thereby creating more jobs in this sector. NamGem in Okahandja is a polishing and cutting plant, founded in 1995 and a subsidiary of Namdeb.

De Beers Marine Namibia is the only oceanic service provider to excavate the Atlantic 1 offshore permit area on behalf of Namdeb. Namdeb further holds mining permits for Mining Area 1 at Bogenfels and Elizabeth Bay, Douglas Bay and the Orange River.

The company has a Zero Harm policy concerning safety and health standards. Project 2050 is aimed to prolong and maintain lucrative mining activities past 2050. Ecological impact evaluation, execution of organizational plans, detecting impacts on natural reserve uses, conduction of mine development and rehabilitation are completed on all new projects. The restoration of this area, to be used as a National Park, influences the projection of potential downscaling and eventually shutting down of mining activities.

This includes topics like contamination, infrastructure, landscaping and biodiversity. Thorough organizational goals and proceedings are at hand to guarantee that our legacy concerns are attended to. Various studies such as the Inshore Project, Sendelingsdrift Project, Red Area Complex, Elizabeth Bay Optimization and the Southern Coastal Beach Accretion were done to extend the life of mine beyond 2050.
Namdeb recovered from an N$414 million net loss in 2009 to an N$419 million net profit in 2010. Cautious estimates were made for 2011 as strikes cost the company a loss of N$ 50 million.

Gecko Mining:
It is a member of the Gecko Africa Group of Companies and is the key to coal and hard rock excavation. They specialize in opencast mining, exploration drilling, materials handling, civil construction, equipment rentals, and logistics. Auxiliary services include geology, mine planning and product beneficiation.

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