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   The Namibian Price Index (NPCI)

The Namibian Consumer Price Index measures the pace at which the prices of consumer goods and services vary from to time.

Year 2009 2010 2011 2012
Food and nonalcoholic beverages 236.4 227.3 209.0 198.9
Alcoholic beverages and tobacco 243.9 237.1 218.8 205.8
Cothing and footwear 132.3 130.1 127.9 126.7
Housing, water, electricity, gas, and other fuels 195.7 183.4 172.8 157.4
Furnishing, household equipments and routine maintenance of the house 167.9 162.5 153.8 150.8
Health 147.6 142.9 137.8 130.4
Transport 221.5 216.1 202.1 192.0
Communications 130.0 127.6 126.7 125.1
Recreational and Culture 168.6 162.3 149.5 144.0
Education 213.2 200.1 193.2 183.8
Hotels, cafes and restaurants 222.3 209.3 199.7 190.9
Miscellaneous goods and services 160.3 152.7 146.4 140.8
All items 201.1 193.3 181.5 172.7

The prices are gathered from more than 650 shops in 8 areas.

  • The annual inflation rate for January 2013 was 6.6 percent. The same number was calculated for the same period the previous year
  • The main groups involving the Namibia CPI annual price increase were Food and Non alcoholic beverages
  • The All Items Index increased by 3.2 percentage points from 197.9 for December 2012 to 201.1 for January 2013

The monthly inflation rate for January 2013 was estimated at 1.6 percent, as compared to the December 2013 rate of -0.4 percent, an increase of 2.0, percentage points. This increase resulted from monthly increases found in all the groups concerning the Namibia CPI with the exception of the “Clothing and Footwear” group.

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